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Minors, under age 18

Tattoo Removal

If you are a minor seeking Laser Tattoo Removal (we all make mistakes when we're young..) not only do we welcome you to use this service, you will also be eligible for After Forever's 20% Discount!

*When coming for your initial consultation be sure to let the clerk know right away that you are a minor so they can apply your discount. 

Because you are not yet 18, we will still require you to bring your parent or legal guardian with you to oversee & sign your waiver form. We may also ask for proof of guardianship (see legal guardian info at the bottom of this page)


We realize every teen is different, so we will consider tattooing minors on a 'case by case' basis, with some strict in-house restrictions in place*!

*These restrictions apply regardless of whether your mom or dad already okayed the design and/or placement the minor is wanting

First and foremost, the minor should come in to the Studio to discuss their ideas with an open mind, and be willing to hear out and weigh in on any advice being offered by our Artists before deciding whether or not to get a tattoo.

If you are not mature enough to have an open and honest conversation about something that will change your life forever, you are not yet mature enough for a tattoo. (this applies to ALL ages, not just our underage clients)

"If you're not listening anyways, why waste our breath talking.."

Whether or not mom or dad want you to get a tattoo is a very small portion of what to consider. The biggest consideration should be what you want to wear on your skin (everywhere you go!) for the rest of your life, and how your choice may impact YOUR future!! 

Moms and Dads, we respect your input....BUT, if you want to push your child into getting a tattoo that is not right for their future, or try to push for bigger or more exposed areas that your child is not comfortable with just so you can feel like the cool parent, odds are you will likely be very disappointed with the answers you receive from our Artists!! You are not an expert on tattoos and tattoo regret, regardless of how long you've been a 'tattoo owner'...but luckily for you, we just so happen to deal with these issues and concerns every day!

If you're willing to sign for your child...great! Now let's work to get him or her a tattoo that won't ruin their future, shall we? 

*Employment Restrictions

A question we often ask our younger clients is whether or not they are in their dream career yet. The answer is often something like, "Well I work at >>whatever fast food place<< so I don't think they really care!"

Then I ask whether they are planning to make THAT job their career, and I get an offended "No!" back...

Well then why on EARTH are you basing your "forever tattoo's" placement choice on the job you have NOW, when you don't even yet know what field you'll actually be working in, or what THAT JOB's policies are on tattoos?? Umm...did we forget to mention, they're kind of there for life?

"but it's for my (mom, sister, brother, dog, grandma, whatever)". The issue is not about whether or not the tattoo means something special..it's about whether or not you are going to compromise landing your dream career for that little cute design you love at the moment! If you really love it that much you can wait until you know for sure that it won't end up being career baggage! Or choose a placement for it where that risk doesn't exist.

"(so & so) has a tattoo that shows at work." Well maybe (so & so) also works his/her ass off, or is dating the boss's relative, or maybe they had it before new management started...or maybe your boss doesn't really like you and will look for any reason they can to get rid of you! Why risk it? At the very least go ASK what the policies are first. If you get any feedback that says 'not preferred', 'not ideal', or 'frowned upon', DON'T DO IT! Even if they said it's technically "allowed". Or else the next time you forget a document in a copier or show up a minute late for work you might find yourself being written up without the usual "grace period" you're used to! 


"That's discrimination!" Actually..no. The world does not owe you a great career, and employers have every right to refuse employment if their applicants have chosen to display themselves in a way that doesn't conform with the look of professionalism they are wanting their business to portray. Many jobs have dress code requirements, like no unnaturally coloured hair, facial piercings, skirt length, etc. (which is why many people in these careers will choose to buy coloured wigs for after work, keep their tattoos within the 'body suit' areas, or wear concealable septum rings they can turn out after work, and so on).  Tattoos are not just 'worn', they are APPLIED and become a part of you. Do you want to wear uncomfortable granny clothes or hot long sleeves to work every day because of poor tattoo choices you made in your youth?

This is one of the most permanent decisions you will ever make in your entire life and should be done with a very thorough consideration of your future endeavors.

And finally:

If & When a design idea is agreed upon and you're ready to go, a legal guardian MUST BE PRESENT for the tattoo, and to sign your paperwork on your behalf beside your signature.

Both the client and the guardian must have government issued photo identification that will be copied and stored on file, and you will in MOST cases be asked to also provide proof of guardianship!!

Proof Of Guardianship

* Your legal guardian should have some sort of documentation they can provide proving that you are their dependent. This varies by circumstance, but could be something like a child tax credit receipt, child support legal documents, a notarized custody agreement, income tax forms, immunization records, a long-form passport, etc.. Just something official with both the guardian and minor's legal names proving guardianship.

We understand this can be frustrating to find in some cases, but we need to ensure the individual signing for the minor isn't just someone they met outside, a crazy Aunt with the same last name, or a visiting parent trying to get back at their ex.

Your understanding is appreciated!

This domain will be redeveloped soon
into our After Forever Laser Removal Site.

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