Proudly introducing, for the first time in Canada...

Korean Tattoo Master 'Bora Gwak'

After Forever is very excited to have Bora join it's Strathmore team for a limited time, while in Canada. Bora has a very unique, eye catching style with high impact colour and delicate but powerful lines. She is eagerly looking forward to colouring some Canadians. And residents of Strathmore and across Southern Alberta are getting very excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity coming to their own back yard!

If you would like a tattoo from Bora it needs to be pre-booked.

In order to secure your appointment, please stop by for a free consultation with your design and deposit (or send design via email). Bora will be settling in and catching up on drawing all of her pre-booked designs prior to her appointment dates, so it is important to submit your design ideas as soon as possible to not miss out on this amazing event!

Bora's Flight Distance

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