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Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

See if you qualify for our tattoo removal discounts!!

This domain will be redeveloped soon
into our After Forever Laser Removal Site.

Laser Tattoo Removal, as with any body modification you consider in your life, it is always better to learn a little bit about it to be able to make a more informed decision that will be right for you.

Whether you are considering some sessions to make your skin a better cover up tattoo canvas, or whether you are interested in several sessions for a complete removal, we can help!

Located just off of Hwy. 1 in downtown Swift Current Saskatchewan, we welcome free walk in consultations.

But while you're here, you might as well read on about what After Forever has to offer.....

  • Training:

After Forever's Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic has a Certified laser technician on site. Johnny Dollar completed training for Laser Tattoo Removal at the National Laser Institute ~ Academic Excellence In Laser & Medical Aesthetics, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Johnny received extensive education on the many different variables involved with laser treatments, including specific client skin typing, proper frequency settings to use on varying clientele, the differences in light reaction to different ink types, the different lenses used for ink colours found in the tattoo, and much more!! The dozens of "practice" clients he performed treatments on at the National Laser Institute gave him the hands on education and guidance needed to set the bar high on what can be accomplished using the laser in Canada.

**It is very important to make your removal appointment with someone who has been properly educated to help guide you to reduce any risk of scarring or infections!!

  • A Little Bit About It:

Laser tattoo removal is ground breaking technology, with innovation that is changing the tattoo industry drastically. With how main-stream tattooing has become, it is difficult to imagine the stigma attached to it even 10 years ago! It can seem that nearly everyone you know has a tattoo, and with that abundance comes second thoughts, job search difficulties, and changes of lifestyle. Wherever you live in the world, there will always be people out there who attach a negative connotation to someone with a visible tattoo, regardless of how beautiful it may be. And unfortunately, many people have found that although their tattoo means something special and significant to them, it can sometimes be a hindrance to moving forward in their life. With laser tattoo removal, you are no longer "stuck with" your decision for the rest of your life!!

We would like to offer you a second chance at YOUR forever;

thus our name, After Forever.

  • Tattoo Removal Pain:

Now for one of the most popular questions....does it hurt? Unfortunately the answer is, YES it does! Many compare it to being snapped with a rubber band, or the feeling of having grease platter while cooking bacon. It doesn't feel like getting a tattoo done at all, but it is definitely tolerable.

You are welcome to bring a gel ice pack with you if you wish, to help numb the tattooed area before starting your session.

  • Removal Duration:

Good news! The sessions are actually very fast (most being done in a matter of minutes). One thorough pass of the small light pulses will be made on your tattooed area until it has been completely covered, unlike the more significant length of time you are sitting during a tattoo application.

  • How It Works:

First and foremost, contrary to many assumptions, the laser does NOT "burn off" your tattoo!! Your current tattoo sits within your skin as a collective 'object'. The laser light is not hitting your skin, rather it is being absorbed by the ink causing the ink particles to shatter beneath your skin. Some different colors of ink absorb different light frequencies, therefore there are different lenses used depending on the colours in the tattoo. Once the ink is "shattered", your body's immune system comes to life, recognizing the tiny pieces of ink as a foreign element that must be removed. The immune system sends white blood cells to the area to carry away and flush out the tiny pieces of ink. Because everyone's body is different it can be difficult to give an exact number of sessions required for complete removal, at least until seeing the results of the first session. At this point your Laser Tech will be able to let you know approximately how many sessions will be required for the level of removal desired.

  • Price:

Although tattoo removal will run you well over what you spent on your original tattoo, each session is between 4 and 6 weeks apart...therefore you are not loaded down with an immediate massive financial burden when you come in to begin your sessions. After Forever's consultations are ALWAYS free, so once we see your piece and determine your needs you will have some numbers in your head to better prepared, should you decide to begin your treatments. After Forever does NOT require you to pre-pay for your services!

At After Forever, unlike many other Laser places, there is both a Minimum (<-New!) and a Maximum price for your Laser Sessions.

The minimum service rate is a charge of  ($ currently under evaluation)*, and the maximum is currently only ($ currently under evaluation)*. If you have several tattoos you are considering for removal please be sure to mention this during your consultation so you can receive the best quote possible for your needs!!

As an example, a minimum charge would be the teeny tiny tattoos, like a wedding band tattoo for instance.

*prices and rates are subject to change without notice! Please stop in for a Consultation to find out YOUR session's pricing.

**Each removal session has a $7 flat rate After Care fee & 5% G.S.T. added to the total amount.

Committed to at least 4 sessions? Ask about our custom package options for even more $avings!


Click here to see if you qualify for our Laser Tattoo Removal Discounts


Ready to see some of our past clients' laser tattoo removal progress?


  • Home made, amateur, and jailhouse tattoos often remove much more easily than professional
  • Black ink usually reacts much better to laser light than colour, making it the first colour to leave a tattoo in most cases.
  • A tattoo with no black (including the outline) will give you many more cover-up options

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