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So you want a wrist tattoo....

There's no question, the popularity of wrist tattoos is ever-growing, but before deciding there are many factors that should be highlighted when considering one for yourself. If you do a Search for a wrist tattoo on any Search Engine, you're bound to find thousands of photos, but please don't get caught up in the magic of the internet...it has thousands of ANY type of photos you search for, but doesn't help weigh out any pros or cons for you! That's where After Forever comes to the rescue! Unless you think you can always fall back on Laser Tattoo Removal to easily make any future changes, you are going to want to seriously consider all factors of your new tattoo before getting it done.

 So, here we go...


Obviously your tattoo should be something you don't mind having around for the rest of your life. (We suggest to NOT get your current lover's name please..)
The most common ideas we encounter for wrist tattoos are various types of tattoo lettering. Things like Hope, Faith, Believe, Love, Truth, etc, OR the client's children's names seem to be the most common.

To not get too off track and bore you to death, let's just assume you've picked out something meaningful that you know you'll love forever, and move onto the next consideration....

Wear & Tear

Let's face it.  Your wrists go through a lot every day! Rubbing, twisting, creasing, stretching, lifting, straining, etc. so it can be quite a difficult heal for some clients, depending on their employment or their daily lifestyle. If you have a heavy duty job and want a tattoo right on the bottom of your wrist you should definitely consider the healing. Even if it's "just a small tattoo", you still want it to heal properly and look good! At the very least you'll want at least a few days of ease on the area right after getting it done.

After healing you will still have the constant normal wear on the area, even moreso for people who like to wear lots of bracelets or watches, so for that reason they are often prone to needing steady touch ups over the years to keep them up to par. Your skin is constantly rejuvenating itself and in doing that can reduce the life of your tattoo in places like hands, fingers, wrists, feet, toes, neck, lower ankle...

Size of Design or Font

If you want a tattoo in a teeny tiny little space like an inner wrist, you need to realize that you can't just get absoluetly any design in the world you want...but smaller. It just doesn't work like that.

The lines that a tattoo machine makes can only be so thin, so the more features you try to squish into the design the less likely it will be to work out like you imagine it. Unfortunately, just because something looks really good in your mind, or even on paper, it doesn't always mean it can work as a tattoo. Your Artist at After Forever can usually meet you half way, making adjustments to the design ideas to make it something tattooable that will look nice, so make sure you specify what exactly is important to you and that you are willing to consider suggestions to help your tattoo look it's best.

Example: For Butterfly Designs- 1) By changing the pose of the butterfly to have one full wing showing and just a small portion of the other you will have more options on how the "wings" are decorated. The tattoo itself is the same size, but the wing has been made bigger to allow for more detail/colour options. 2) For a small monarch butterfly, rather than having dozens of white border dots on each wing, trade these for just a few prominent ones to unclutter the design.

Font also needs to be considered for any wrist tattoo lettering because it's such a tiny space to work with, and you never want to 'smush' tattoo lettering or it won't look very nice after healing.  So when planning for such a small area, like a wrist tattoo, there are really only a handful of font options, depending on the size you are willing to consider for each letter.  We suggest looking at some online to see what can be done. But while looking around be sure to pay attention to the actual letter's line size, what fonts look too "busy" and how legible the lettering is. Search your favorite Search Engine for 'wrist tattoo lettering' or something like that, and keep in mind most photos that will come up are usually of freshly applied tattoos (the slight swelling and surface pigment sitting in the skin can make the lines look more crisp and defined than after healing, when things all go back to 2D). Bring in your font stlyes and you'll be guided to something that will actually work for your tattoo.

Employment Restrictions

You may not mind seeing your tattoo hanging out of the bottom of your shirt sleeve every day "because it's your daughter's name", but unfortunately not everyone you meet is so liberal. If you are at a point in your life where you're confident you have a set career for life, this might not be as much of a biggie for you, but if you're still unsure about your future career path we strongly suggest considering a different placement, just in case. We would hate for you not to get that great future-launching job opportunity because your future boss doesn't like your lil' wrist tattoo. There are tons of banks, legal offices and countless other professional institutions that just plain will not hire you (regardless of your shining resume) just because you have a visible tattoo. You can be angry and rant about "society" all you want, but at the end of the day the only one suffering for it is you. You have LOTS of other canvas to decorate, so save your wrists for once your career is set (or of couse, if you run out of room elsewhere)! 

And to those of you that say "I'll cover it at work", just make sure you don't mind wearing full long sleeve shirts or zip up sweaters every single day, even throughout summer on the days the AC decides to cut out for a week or 2 at work leaving you a smelly, sweaty, overheated, embarrased mess....with a cute little star under your damp shirt cuff.

Mental Impact (It Will Show....ALL the time!)

This might seem like an obvious consideration, but clients often don't consider the full extent of what this means.

"It's my (kid's name/motto)! I want to see it all the time!!"

Something most people don't realize (especially if this is your FIRST tattoo) is that there can often be quite a great psychological impact you may not be prepared for!! Please realize that once you get this tattoo you will see your marked skin whether you're brushing your teeth, doing your hair, blowing your nose, hailing a cab, using the remote, driving, texting, eating, drinking, nail biting, basically ANYTHING you do with the lights on! It will catch your eye and you'll find yourself staring at it, moving it around, watching the lines navigate around as your skin twists and turns. Because it's SO "out there" we meet people all the time who want us to remove their wrist tattoo because they've decided it bothers them.

Usually it goes something like this: "See this little line (no, where?), well...see how it comes up here (um ya, ...but....isn't is supposed to?)..Well, ya. but you know, it just doesn't ..you know, just doesn't look ...well I dunno, it's just not like I kinda pictured it, but it was okay...well, when I got it I guess.  I don't know. ......I just don't like it and want it gone!!" 

....For this reason, we always suggest a first tattoo be somewhere that's not quite so prevailant so you can get a feel for having a tattoo before making that level of commitment because it can really impact some people. After Forever's Artists want to make sure any impact they have on you is a positive one!

Because of one or more of these considerations, some client's will change different parts of their original plan to get the very best experience possible. Or change placement to somewhere less restricted to get either a little more bang for your buck or a desired effect. Either way, we like our clients to have a chance to consider their tattoo thoroughly. ....And if you still aren't swayed at all, (age & circumstances permitting) we will be happy to design your tattoo in a way to get the best look possible for you, and you will know you've fully considered it before taking the plunge. Clients are welcome to come discuss placement or design ideas and concerns any time during business hours. 

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This domain will be redeveloped soon
into our After Forever Laser Removal Site.

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